Technologies Used
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Salesforce
  • AJAX
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • ASP
  • Crystal Reports
  • Virtual Earth
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Web Services
  • MVC
  • WCF
  • XML
  • VBA
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Access
  • Apex
  • Visual Force
Software Services Rizsoft Provides
  • Software Analysis
  • Software Design
  • Custom Development
  • Project Planning
  • Website Programming (.NET, PHP)
  • Websites Requiring Database Functionality
  • Database Development
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Timogix.com
    The successor to invoicefortime.com. See http://www.timogix.com for details.

  • InvoiceForTime.com
    Website allowing businesses to track project time, create invoices, and then accept payments online. Provides a mobile interface to allow time tracking using your phone. See http://www.invoicefortime.com for details.

  • Virtual Card Creator
    Internet application that allows users to create a virtual business card that can be sent to potential clients. The program allowed users to add images, text, audio and video to the business card. This product stood out from the competition because it allowed the user to fully customize the card exactly how they wanted it using the mouse. The program had statistics and extensive reporting so you can tell how effective your marketing campaigns were.

  • Sales Estimator
    Internet program to allow salespeople to enter quote information for prospective clients. This allowed the home-office employees to review the quotes in a timely manner.

  • Work Order Entry
    Internet program that allowed work orders to be entered by customers. Home office employees could then set different statuses of the job and customers could see the current status.

  • Factory Labels
    Internal windows based application that would print labels with UPC symbols for boxes or pallets to be shipped to customers. Crystal reports was used to create the PDF files, labels, and reports.

  • Item Locator
    Intranet application that would allow employees to search the different factories for inventory items.

  • Conversion
    Converted multiple Legacy 4GL programs to current technology using .NET and Crystal Reports.

  • Medical Charging
    Intranet program that allowed employees to input medical charges for different procedures.

  • Magazine Marketing Promoter
    Internet and fat client program that allowed users to input marketing materials that would be displayed on a website. The program took potential client information from the web and transferred it into a CRM application. Program included reporting of site statistics and marketing material success.

  • Help Desk Application
    Internet application that would allow clients to input requests and problems with certain areas of their business. The program would transfer the input information into a Remedy application. The program would also fill out forms for clients and send to the client as a PDF.

  • Help Desk Workload Application
    Windows client and Intranet application that would allow technicians to assign work to their employees. The system would perform reporting and allow managers to view their work load.

  • Active Directory Import
    Service application that would take information from a database and input and update active directory users and address books in Active Directory.

  • Task Base Manager
    Internet application that would create templates that would have pre-defined tasks associated with it. These templates with tasks could then be assigned to certain employees manually or through an automated process.

  • Customer Sales Tool
    Internet program that allowed prospective clients to input part information so company employees could supply exact estimates. The program would allow the user to adjust visual angles of parts for machining purposes. The program would then notify the proper company employees that an estimate needs to be completed with the input information.

  • Investment Management Program
    Conversion of a large legacy application to current Microsoft technology. Client server program that monitored investment transactions. Users could create new accounts, adjust accounts, create rollovers with a robust reporting system.

  • Check Imaging
    Application to validate, process, and review checks on-line.

  • Loan Reporting
    Client server program that created reports for accessing a proprietary mortgage application.

  • ACH File Processing
    Application that creates ACH files. This program allows user to input data which then creates dynamic ACH files.

  • Account Verification
    Internet application that would allow off-site employees to verify client accounts that have incorrect or missing data. It would allow the employee to input certain information to verify account validity and to correct missing or invalid data.
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