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My experience working with Rizsoft has been absolutely incredible.

I've been working with software startups for over 5 years now and Rizsoft has been the most enjoyable and satisfying that I've ever experienced.

Wes Daniel, President and Founder, Theo Networks  More…

What we do
Rizsoft is a software development business with the purpose of creating custom software solutions that will save time and money for your business.

Custom developed software can streamline your business to increase efficiency. And a more efficient business means less costs, reduced labor and a better bottom line. In business time is money and a professional custom software package can save you time and money.

Whether you need a robust server/client software or an intranet reporting tool, Rizsoft has a combined 30+ years experience to do the job right.
Do you have a software idea that you can sell?  If so, Rizsoft may want to partner with you.

Rizsoft has the business and development experience to take your idea from thought to reality. You provide the sales in this mutually beneficial partnership.

If you have a good idea and can bring sales, marketing, or SEO experience to the table, contact Rizsoft today and lets talk!

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